Fill your home with books, magazines, and newspapers and let your children see the joy that reading brings to your life. If you reinforce a positive attitude around reading, your children will naturally gravitate to and enjoy reading!

Maya Fitzpatrick of Mayahood says, “One thing I take pride in is knowing we’ve instilled a love of reading in our kids. As soon as you enter our house, you will notice that we have hundreds of books covering our shelves, floor and just about every nook and cranny.”

Building a home library can seem daunting, but it does take time. Here are five ways to get started building a book collection and show your children that learning to read is fun:

Swap books

Has your child grown out of their board books or their reading abilities have grown? Gather together a group of friends or organize a local children’s book swap. A swap is an excellent, environmentally friendly way to refresh your home library without spending.

Ask for books instead of toys

For holidays and birthday parties, request loved ones gift your child a book to build their home collection. Encourage them to write a note inside explaining why they choose this particular book. Soon your child will have a personal library connecting them to the special people in their life. Won’t this be a wonderful gift to pass on to their children one day?

Build an online book collection

Some public libraries provide free online access to popular children’s books that are read aloud by the author. These are a fun way to enjoy a story for kids who love using tech. Ask your local librarian if this resource is available to your community. If your child is learning to read with Ooka Island, they can access the Popcorn Library, which is full of developmentally appropriate, leveled books that they can read over and over again with support or alone.

Sign up for a magazine subscription

Reading a magazine helps children develop a different set of skills. It immerses them in the world of non-fiction, thrilling the inquisitive child while they learn about animals, the environment, and the world. There’s usually a few puzzles or word games, too. Besides, kids love to get mail, and a magazine subscription will cause a monthly rush of pleasure to read.

Go to the library

Who says you have to own all the books in your home library? Sign up for a library card and take your kids for a regular visit to stock up on books. If your child is curious about a particular topic, like dinosaurs, volcanos, or puppies, the library helps satiate their ever-changing interests and see that learning to read is fun.

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