Please give a very warm welcome to Ooka Island for Educators – a completely revamped teacher and student experience!

This major update introduces new features which will make using Ooka Island in the classroom a whole lot easier. The changes we’ve made are based on years of feedback from you, the educator community. If you want to try out the new Educator Trial, please do! We’d love to hear what you think. Now let’s dig right into the exciting stuff, shall we? Here’s what’s included in the brand new Ooka Island for Educators.

A shiny, new Educator Dashboard.

Ooka Island has always been easy to use, but this update makes the Educator Dashboard much more intuitive! How? Your dashboard is now divided into real-time student reporting, classroom management tools, student picture passwords and parent invites.

Simpler, faster navigation.

Need to find particular students for a quick snapshot of how they’re doing? We’ve added a search bar for that! We have also moved the menu from the top to the sidebar and put the most important features right at your fingertips, so you can get the information that you need, exactly when you need it. We’ve given the class list page more space for displaying students and you can now edit your students’ information too.

Printable student picture passwords.

You already know just how often students can forget their passwords, now you can quickly check or change each child’s password. You can also print them out for easy reference for both you and your students or leave for supply teachers.

Parent invites for free at-home access.

You can easily generate parent invites to send home with your students. If you are sending Ooka Island home (it’s free!), our new engagement data is a great way to see who is actually playing at home and ultimately how it translates to their reading progression in the program.


Better, more organized student reports.

We’ve improved student reporting access, so you can gain faster insight and quickly get an overview of your students’ information and progress on Ooka Island.

In our new reporting tab, you can see what level students are playing, how much time they have played, and last login. This way you can quickly tell if your students are using Ooka Island during independent time and how engaged they are in the game.

You can also compare your students’ book levels to group with those students on similar levels for further instruction. As a result of the data, you may decide that certain students will benefit from more time on Ooka Island than others who are further along in their reading progress.

Now, when you click on students’ names from the class list, their individual progress graph pops up as well as the list of activities they’ve been playing and the level average and overall average scores for each activity. We even provide you an overview of their phonological and comprehension progress and where they are experiencing difficulty.


A Free Educator Trial for up to 40 students.

Our brand new Educator Trial is possibly our most exciting update of all!

We listened when you said educators need a scalable, self-serve, easy-to-onboard student trial, one that gives your students enough time on Ooka Island to build a case for classroom adoption. The new Educator Trial includes the first two levels of the program (out of 24), which ends up being over 3 hours of learning content for each student with no strings attached. It provides you with more learning data to draw upon as you see how Ooka Island works for different students.

Why 40 students?

This number acknowledges the realities of the classroom, whether you are a primary teacher, a resource teacher, a literacy coach or leading an after-school program. In most places the primary grades are capped at 20 students although they can go higher. Some kindergarten classes may have 35 or more!

A 40 student trial allows you to fully integrate the program into your classroom, however you choose to implement it. Some ways that educators love to use Ooka Island include: a literacy station, guided reading group, or even a ‘work on when you’re done your other work’ activity.’ These ideas allow you to rotate your class through the program even with a small set of iPads or tablets.

And last, but not least!

Our new educator trial is completely self-serve (unless you do want to talk to us, that’s great too!)

All in all, we hope you’ll enjoy the new Ooka Island for Educators and that your students continue to spend many more hours learning to read with us. We also hope you’ll continue to send in your feedback, so we can keep making Ooka Island better for you and your students.

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