The holidays are a great time to reset, reflect on the previous year and then set some goals for the upcoming year. Why not take New Year’s resolutions as an opportunity to set some reading goals with your budding bookworm?!

As we know, good literacy habits take time to develop. No matter what age or stage of reading your child is at, there are lots of ways you can encourage good habits and foster the skills needed for lifelong learning. As a parent you are your child’s primary reading role model and good habits start with you.

Below we have a few simple activities to incorporate into your child’s reading practice for the rest of 2016 and beyond!

To help get your little reader started, we’ve made a holiday reading calendar to encourage fun and good reading habits during the school break! Print it out for your child and see how many they can complete!

Remember, the trick to making any resolution stick is to start small.

Develop A Consistent Reading Practice

Set aside a little time each day for your child to practice their reading skills. A consistent routine will help make your child feel comfortable and confident, which allows them to focus on developing their skills and enjoy the act of reading. This is also a great strategy for teaching your child beginning time management skills.

Reread Favourite Books

You may get bored when your child requests to read the same book night after night, but repetitive reading is actually good for skill development. You child will become more familiar and comfortable with a greater number of words the more they read or hear the same book. Rereading a book also helps to build a deeper comprehension and the ability to understand all the components of a story.

Make the Most of Screentime

How we incorporate screentime into our child’s lives is a hot topic now that tablets have become more ubiquitous. Learn-to-read apps like Ooka Island can support your child’s learning and skill development, while still allowing them to have screen time for fun. Sign up for our parent trial to let your child experience the 1.5 hours of learning and play for free!

Keep Track of All of the Books That You Read Together

If you keep track of all the books you read together throughout the year, by next December your child will have a long list of books to feel proud about. You could even set goals or rewards to meet throughout the year. Themed book parties, anyone?! Remember, the most important thing is to keep reading and to take the time to celebrate your accomplishments along the way!

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